Web Design

With over 10 years experience, we know that a successful website needs to be unique to your business and customers. This is why no two designs that we create are the same and why we work closely with you to ensure that the finished product reflects you.

User Engagement

Zeemo believes that an engaging user experience can be achieved through a combination of detailed planning and smart design. This results in an experience that attracts and holds the attention of your visitors, allowing them to notice your calls-to-action and take the next step. There are many factors of your web design that can impact the user engagement, including: layout, presentation of content, ease of navigation, and accessibility.

Responsive Design

Zeemo highly recommends a responsive design, which will ensure that your website is easily accessible no matter the device (desktop computer, tablet or smartphone). It is important to understand that customers want different things at different times – we browse with our mobile phones whilst eating a quick breakfast, scan with our desktop computers whilst eating lunch at work, and relax with our iPads on the couch after dinner.

eCommerce Sites

Zeemo is proud to give you the online store you have always dreamed about, allowing you to earn while you sleep! We focus on creating an engaging shopping experience, as this ensures that customers don’t cancel orders before submission or have to deal with a failing system. Our eCommerce solutions also cover online booking forms, order management, marketing promotions (such as discounts), measurement and reporting.

But what makes for a successful website?

  • Clear calls to action, such as a telephone number or a “buy now” button or a more subtle direction.
  • Delivering high quality content that is easy to read, presented in portions and released in frequencies.
  • Attractive visual design, which will make customers more likely to stay on the website and return later.
  • Logical user experience that makes it easy for them to access the contact they need when they need it.
  • Mobile friendly or responsive design, so that the website looks equally as attractive across devices.
  • Planned marketing strategy that appropriately broadcasts your content, attracts traffic and converts sales.
  • Tracking your conversions, as this provides you with information that can be used for future improvements.