SEO Services

There are hundreds of millions of websites online, and thousands more are being added each day. If you are not appearing on page one of search engines (like Google and Yahoo) it’s likely that your competitors are. These days, an attractive website isn’t going to cut it – you need to be visible, too.

Onsite SEO Factors

Zeemo understands that, in order for your website to rank well organically, you need the right kind of content and it needs to be optimised appropriately. This covers a range of services, including: Google Analytics, Google Webmaster, title tags, keywords, headers, anchor text, body text, URLs and sitemap uploads. We will craft a search engine optimisation strategy that meets the demands of your particular business and industry, making you more visible.

Offsite SEO Factors

Zeemo also understands that there are numerous factors at work when search engines determine how a website should be ranked. This includes offsite services, like: article submissions, blog and forum posting, RSS pings, page optimisation, social bookmarking, deep link building, link juicing and verified link building. We can also help you to manage your Google AdWords campaign should you decide to boost your optimisation in this way.

Local SEO Factors

Zeemo understands that the people most likely to use your services or purchase your products are within your local area, which is why part of our campaign focuses specifically on local search engine visibility. This can be achieved in a variety of ways, including onsite and offsite factors (listings on local directories is a great example). Of course, this method of optimisation is not for everyone – we can provide more information and suggestions on this.

But what are the benefits of SEO for your business?

  • Boosts the visibility of your brand and sales by placing your website front and centre where possible.
  • A cost effective form of marketing, as there is a low cost per lead when compared to more traditional methods.
  • Targeted traffic and the peace of mind that your advertising revenue will target your key demographics.
  • Measurable results, as you can track and measure online results instantly using Google Analytics.
  • It’s a long-term solution with a fixed monthly cost, which helps to avoid cost blowouts from other forms of advertising.
  • Ongoing advertising of your product and/or service, allowing you to sit back and relax.
  • Online reputation management, which addresses any issues (such as bad reviews) that may arise.